"It means so much to work with someone who thinks preventative, thinks holistic, and has the medical background bridging those two worlds".

Susan Flippen, CEO, The Flippen Group



There are many modalities of energy medicine . All offer balancing through the individual's bio-field and energy centers. Embrace Wellness utilizes the techniques of  Healing Touch, along with intuitive guidance.                                                 

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, modality of energy healing, a term used to describe healing that alters the subtle flow of energy in and around a person.To heal, by definition, is to become whole. The philosophy is that energy precedes biology. Therefore, emotional and physical issues, or disease, occur first in our energy body and later manifest as physical disease. By repairing and maintaining the integrity of our energy body, we are better able to heal and maintain optimal emotional and physical health.

 Benefits of Energy Healing:

*A relaxing, nurturing therapy

*Uses gentle, heart- centered touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

*Enhances the body's natural ability to heal through the human bio-field, energy centers, and energy field

*Works in harmony with standard medical care and is complimentary to other health care systems

* Approved and promoted as a nursing intervention by the American Nurses Association

*Beneficial effects in stress management, pain management, wound healing, and promotes an overall sense of peace and well-being

Your body has innate wisdom to heal itself. Invite Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and intuitive healer, Mary Edwards- Zucchino, to guide you on your journey of transformative healing through energy medicine, to integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Embrace Transformative Healing Through Energy Medicine Packages:

3 sessions - $225

1 session - $80

Sessions are 1 hour

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